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After having suffered water damage in my newly remodeled condo I was very stressed and depressed. When the technician arrived at my home he was upbeat, positive, friendly but still professional, and assured me that my problem was manageable, very fixable and that all the water damage would be addressed.
- Sandy H.


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Mold Inspection and Remediation South Miami

Mold growth in American homes is reaching critical, epidemic-like, proportions. Energy-efficient home construction methods have actually caused a decline in the indoor air quality, leading to conditions which can support the spread of mold. Mold can also be a dangerous by-product of flooding or excessive moisture within a home or business.

If you become aware of mold, in your home or office, or suspect that there may be mold present; then call Water Damage South Miami for an immediate and thorough inspection. Our mold remediation specialists will use advanced state of the art equipment, to detect the presence of moisture which may be harboring mold growth.

Along with the utmost highest standards in the water damage and mold industry, Water Damage South Miami works diligently to return affected environmental areas to a healthy living condition, doing so as quickly and safely as possible.

Our expert team of environmental remediation experts is able to assess and mitigate the most complicated remediation processes, this is due to their advanced training and the resources we have at our fingertips. Regardless of whether you're dealing with a confined area, or an entire structure, Water Damage South Miami can offer you the very best remediation solutions.

Our Mold Remediation services include:
- Expert & Certified Mold Testing South Miami
- Mold Remediation Procedures South Miami
- Site Containment Process
- Anti-microbial Applications
- Soda Blasting
- Ozone Treatment
- Thermal Fogging South Miami
- Air Purification Treatment
- Air Movers & Scrubbers
- Advanced Rapid Air Source Machines

  • Flood Restoration

  • Mold Remediation

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